Ultimate Conspiracy collector's edition (English)

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Support us by offering you an exclusive version of the Ultimate Conspiracy game with its "Origin" extension and the book "Biographies" dedicated by its author.

Offer yourself an exclusive version of the game Ultimate Conspiracy with its extension"Origin" and the book"Biographies" signed by its author.

The book "Biographies" is offered to you and will be delivered at the same time as the game. It consists of about 100 pages and tells in detail the story of the main characters of Ultimate Conspiracy. Printing will be done on thick paper and the cover will be gilded with hot gold.

This collector's edition is limited to 100 copies reserved exclusively for support purchases on our site. It will not be available when the next crowdfunding campaign that will take place on Kickstarter between June and September 2018.

Delivery of the game is scheduled for 2019 and no later than December.

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Classic Edition

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Collector's edition

Color game box

Game box in color + hot gold gilding

Origin extension

Origin extension

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