Will Ultimate Conspiracy be available in stores?

It is not planned to sell the game in stores. Unfortunately, the production cost being very high, the game would be sold at a too price including the distributor’s margin.

What should I do if I want to receive multiple copies of the game?

You must bet the total amount corresponding to the number of copies of the game you want.

What is the "pledge manager" for?

The "pledge manager" is a web page where you have to enter your details for the delivery of the game.

We will send you the link to this page by email after the end of the fundraising campaign.

How can I choose the language of the game?

At the end of the campaign during the pledge manager phase, you will be able to select the language you want. If you have acquired several copies of the game, you can choose a different language for each copy if you wish.

Are shipping costs included?

No, the shipping costs will be calculated precisely according to your country and the number of games you have chosen. In the presentation of the game, you will find a table with the estimate of the shipping costs. The amount is a maximum amount we commit to, you will not pay one extra euro. Shipping costs will be paid later directly in the pledge manager.

From what age will it be possible to play Ultimate Conspiracy?

We strongly discourage players under 14 years old. The game is not difficult, but the themes that are discussed can be a little shocking.

Will it be possible to get the game at a better price?

The printing and making of this game cost a small fortune. Our margin being really low, we will never sell the game cheaper than on Kickstarter.

How will we be able to follow the progress of the project?

Every month we will publish a newsletter with details of the progress of the project. You can consult it on Kickstarter or on our website www.ultimate-conspiracy.com

Why are there mistakes in English ?

Unfortunately, we are not fully bilingual and we thank you for your understanding. 

Regarding the game, it will be translated, read and reread by several American natives. We will not tolerate any errors in the final version of the game.

How are you going to meet the deadlines ?

It is only natural to ask this question given the scale of the project. Nevertheless, we are quite serene in this sense, because the game has already been tested by many people with prototypes. However, a delay is always possible. We will do our best to ensure that this does not happen and will always be honest with you.

Why don't we see a video of the gameplay ?

The prototypes we used are in black and white without the drawings. A new colour prototype is currently being printed and is a little behind schedule. We're about to release videos of the gameplay soon.

Why didn't you communicate on the internet and social networks ?

We recognize that we are not communication professionals at all. However, we set up many things during the first week of the crowdfunding campaign.

Here are some examples of our communication:

We already have a partnership with the French site: https://www.vindjeu.eu 

We have created a fact sheet on https://www.trictrac.net/mur/ultimate-conspiracy 

We are currently registering our game on https://boardgamegeek.com

Where do you get the inspiration for your game ?

Contrary to what some people think, we have not taken our inspiration from the 7th continent at all. We haven't even had the chance to play this wonderful game yet. The system of cards creating a game board gradually existed long before the 7th continent and our system of playing and resolving actions is much more inspired by role-playing.

The games that inspired us the most were: Horror a Arkham and the myth of Cthulhu for the atmosphere. Sherlock Holmes and the puzzles books for the investigation side.

How do you justify the game price ?

We are aware that the price may seem expensive. We had a choice to make: price or quality. Our project being very ambitious, we couldn't and didn't want to diminish the quality of the game, nor the number of cards, nor the number of objects and gadgets in the surprise boxes and envelopes, because they are essential for the game.

Some of the objects are made in India (they are woodcarving professionals), others in Thailand, China and France. You have to centralize all of this and it's expensive. That said, you have no obligation to buy the game if the price does not suit you, but we will never compromise on the content and quality of our game. If you support us, we guarantee that you will be dazzled by the content of surprises. We do our best to offer you a game like nobody has ever seen before!

Why don't we see the contents of envelopes and surprise boxes ?

We can't spoil our own game, if we unveil the objects we're going to have made for our game, there's no point in playing anymore.

We will regularly distribute new cards and images during the fundraising campaign.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us at: contact@ultimate-conspiracy.com